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Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. Working to this end, we:

  • Find victims through our outreach strategies and partnerships with law enforcement, the court system, and community-based organizations.
  • Restore survivors through our groundbreaking safehouse program.

Join Restore NYC's mission by starting your own awareness and fundraising campaign! Use momentous life occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or participation in a marathon as opportunities for personal campaigns that focus your network’s attention on a cause you care about. You can also plan fundraising events, like a carwash or a speed dating night!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $40.00 Keep doing you, Micah...makes the world a better place
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Kim Burton $40.00 We must stop human trafficking. We should not dehumanize what GOD has created.
All Creatures Animal Clinic $200.00
Sue Latter $100.00
Francis Whitlock $100.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Kristine and Joe DePinto $100.00
Thomas Keown $101.00 Who says Irish guys can't run
Shana Rusonis $50.00 So proud of you. girl!
Jimmy & Andee Cone $200.00
Tom and Tree Garvin $100.00 Keep running in such a way to win....
Daniel and Katrina Kiedis $45.00 Cheering you on from FL!
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Lee Norwood $180.00 Did I ever tell you you're my hero.... Awesome Caleb!
Kevyn Dillow $100.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Elisa and Armistead Booker $25.00 Cheering you all along the way today! #Isaiah61
Anonymous Donor $500.00
Anonymous Donor $26.00
Rhonda Williford $53.00 Congratulations at passing your goal!! I'll be thinking of you as you run with full faith in you!
Brian Hayward $35.00
Maureen and Bill Utz $75.00 Ellie!!! Can't wait for your run -know it's been many hours ,days ,weeks and months training . You have chosen a wonderful charity to run for- it will give you and others inspiration for a lifetime -Blessings to you. God speed ,strength and spirit. Xo
Liz Koo $50.00 Go Sarah!! :)
Anonymous Donor $75.00 Angels always come just when you need them ;)
Soon-Bom Kwon $50.00 Good luck Sarah!
Anonymous Donor $400.00
Sergey C $25.00
Dosoon Soh $100.00 Keep Up Good Works!!!
Paul & Mary Johnson $100.00 Have a great run.
Mary and Cagle $50.00 Have a great run.
Hannah Jordan $25.00 Go, Graham, go! Will be praying for your race!
Frank and Kate Allen $100.00
Jon Hart $50.00 do work, son. and doing it for Restore? Good on ya. They're awesome.
Rebecca Heidkamp $100.00
Anonymous Donor $500.00 Thanks so all the hard work you do!
Anonymous Donor $3000.00 Restore NYC is an amazing organization! This donation is from friends and family of Kathleen Ryan.
Azikiwe Calhoun $100.00 Sarah run a good race, I ran a half marathon last year in Philly. Restore is an organization doing amazing work and I am more than glad to support their vision and mission.
Doris Jackson $50.00 Run, Graham, run!! Enjoy your first marathon! I'm so proud of you participating!!
V Luo $20.00 Go Ellie!
Martha Clardy $200.00 Delighted to be able to support Restore NYC and you.
Josh Crumley $25.00 Greenville supports you! Good luck & God Bless!
Alun Thomas $80.00 Ed, I assume you got this done! Well done!
John Noble, Esq $50.00 Good Luck on your first marathon
Dan & Tracy Post $100.00
Anonymous Donor $935.00 :)
Jonathan & Sarah Dahl $500.00
Rick Carnell $200.00 Go, Graham!
Morgan Mermagen $250.00
Cori Williford $20.00 Run Pretty Lady! :)
Restore NYC
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