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Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. Working to this end, we:

  • Find victims through our outreach strategies and partnerships with law enforcement, the court system, and community-based organizations.
  • Restore survivors through our groundbreaking safehouse program.

Join Restore NYC's mission by starting your own awareness and fundraising campaign! Use momentous life occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or participation in a marathon as opportunities for personal campaigns that focus your network’s attention on a cause you care about. You can also plan fundraising events, like a carwash or a speed dating night!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Don't forget to puke at mile 23!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Best of luck Ellie!! Warmest wishes to you!
Diana K $125.00
Mary Reath $50.00 Good luck Ellie! You are a winner before you start.
Moses Choi $200.00
Anonymous Donor $200.00 Congratulations Jon and Jenny! May God bless you and your marriage as you seek Him and His Kingdom.
Pat Daley $125.00 From a huge fan!!!
Lena Centeno $20.00
Lexi Ruffington $50.00 can I run with you?
Ajung and Milind Sojwal $150.00
Sarah Utz $70.00 Can't wait to cheer you on!!!
Timothy Aluise $250.00
Anonymous Donor $150.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Congratulations :)
Connie Chun $100.00 Congratulations on your big day! I am so happy for the both of you!
Anne Carr Doug Menard $150.00 Congratulations Jonathan & Jenny! Welcome to the family We can't wait to celebrate your day with you!
Melissa Tang $50.00
Yuhua Li & family $100.00 Congrats on your big day! May God bless your future together!
Brian & Jill Coday $25.00 God bless you as you start your marriage today!
SchoolLane 20B Apartment Bros $60.00 Congratulations on your marriage Jonathan and Jenny! Praise God!
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Peter Thistle $15.00 Congratulations guys! Can't wait to see what God has in store for you.
Anonymous Donor $100.00 May your marriage be the witness of God ' abundant grace and love. Congratulations!!!!
Anonymous Donor $200.00 You are an awesome couple. May you be blessed with a long life together.
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Nicole Demers $50.00 Congratulations Jenny and Jonathan!
Payal Patel $20.00 Congratulations Jenny!, Wish you guys a great married life!
Brianna Spragg $50.00
Anonymous Donor $400.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Michael Geng $50.00
Katelynn Burns $100.00
Melanie Ricaurte $100.00
Nate & Emily Reuther $25.00
Edward and Linda Aiken $150.00 We are happy to donate to help fight this evil practice and it is a wonderful act of love and charity on the part of Jenny and Jonathan. Glory be to God for bringing the two of you together. Praying for God's love to guide and bless your future together
Scott Weinreb $54.00 Best of luck Ellie! I hope to be cheering you on!
Anonymous Donor $235.00 Great idea! Congratulations and best wish to you dear two, Jenny and Jonathan.
Liana Loh $100.00 Arianna and I hope you have a great run!
Laura Powell $100.00
Yusin&Soonjin; Cho $50.00
John Tapp $100.00 Sorry I couldn't join you on this momentous occasion but I wish you both the best and many happy years together.
Chris and Robbyn Upham $50.00 Best wishes on your first marathon! Many blessings upon the work of Restore in NYC.
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Congratulations to the both of you! Live long and prosper.
Marc & Mary Lovci $100.00 Graham, We will join you in prayer and be out there cheering for you on race day just as you have done for us! Love, Marc & Mary
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Susan Berti $100.00 Will be praying for you all and the women you are running for.
Jung & Hyo Hee Kim $50.00
Anonymous Donor $55.00 Congratulations and blessings to you both!
Joanne Lim $50.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
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