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Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. Working to this end, we:

  • Find victims through our outreach strategies and partnerships with law enforcement, the court system, and community-based organizations.
  • Restore survivors through our groundbreaking safehouse program.

Join Restore NYC's mission by starting your own awareness and fundraising campaign! Use momentous life occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or participation in a marathon as opportunities for personal campaigns that focus your network’s attention on a cause you care about. You can also plan fundraising events, like a carwash or a speed dating night!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $235.00 Great idea! Congratulations and best wish to you dear two, Jenny and Jonathan.
Liana Loh $100.00 Arianna and I hope you have a great run!
Laura Powell $100.00
Yusin&Soonjin; Cho $50.00
John Tapp $100.00 Sorry I couldn't join you on this momentous occasion but I wish you both the best and many happy years together.
Chris and Robbyn Upham $50.00 Best wishes on your first marathon! Many blessings upon the work of Restore in NYC.
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Congratulations to the both of you! Live long and prosper.
Marc & Mary Lovci $100.00 Graham, We will join you in prayer and be out there cheering for you on race day just as you have done for us! Love, Marc & Mary
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Susan Berti $100.00 Will be praying for you all and the women you are running for.
Jung & Hyo Hee Kim $50.00
Anonymous Donor $55.00 Congratulations and blessings to you both!
Joanne Lim $50.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 God Speed.
Amy B $25.00
The Burketts $250.00 Go Graham! Run like the wind!
Renee Shuman-Powell $100.00 Go Sara!
Bret and Amy Russell $100.00 Go for it, Graham!
Belinda Luscombe $52.00
Johnsong & Young Lee $100.00 Good luck.
Kerry and Matt Salvatierra $50.00
Josh Portee $35.00 For a good cause. Every little bit helps. :-)
Anonymous Donor $250.00 Blessings, Graham, and happy training!
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Andrew and Kateri $500.00
Guillermo Bonilla $25.00 I hope this helps. Good luck Sarah.
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Thanks for working hard to raise funds, Graham. We are happy to partner with you. Michelle & Doug
Anna Lee $100.00 All the Best Sarah!!
Dyke & Mary Smith-Worth $50.00 Go get em Sarah!
Christy Bush $50.00
Mirjam Rose $100.00 Good luck, Sarah! all the best! your cousin Mirjam
Anonymous Donor $1.00
Jimbo & Cath Williford $100.00 U r far more awesome than the Mother of Dragons!
Ara Soh $50.00 Good luck Auntie Sarah!
Daniel Su $100.00 So encouraged by your thoughtfulness! Hope you raise lots of fund for this meaningful course.
Anonymous Donor $50.00 good luck and enjoy!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Congratulations to you both! So excited for this special day :)
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Anonymous Donor $500.00 Dear Ellie, Thank you for doing this. I'm just new to the Restore board and would love to support you in this way. Sincerely, Laurie Bolthouse
Carol and Ed Bartholomew $100.00 Great cause!
Anonymous Donor $2500.00 Love the work of Restore!
Tiffany Moy $40.00 Congratulations and blessings to you both! I'm so excited for you guys! :)
Laura Gould $100.00
Terry DeKalb $100.00 Good luck and hope to see you the weekend of October 4! Terry and Randy
Chris Ahearn $100.00 Way to go Shaf - and a very worthy cause
Maryellen & Tom Fullerton & Roberts $200.00 We're proud of you, Ellie. Keep running!
Elizabeth Hayes $100.00 A great cause! You have a great heart Ellie!
Cathy and Warren G. $200.00 Wishing you strong lungs and legs!
Susan Roberts $250.00 This is very exciting!
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